F.A.Q. Search of people in Ukraine

1. Can you give the readers some tips on how to start their search (starting their own free search)?
At first the person must understand what information he/she has about the object of search:
– name
– date of birth or age
– address or the city where the object lives
– the place of birth
– cities where the person lived in childhood
– where the object studied, worked, was in vocation etc.
– information about relatives, friend etc.
– information about hobby
You must understand that sometimes even the smallest pieces of information can be helpful in the search.
The second step is to understand what information exactly you want to find about the person.

2. How can we find someone?
You can try to find the person yourselves or you can order the search to professionals.
If you have enough information about the object of search and have enough time you can find the person yourselves. Usually the help of our detective agency is required when the person do not have enough information about the object of search, do not have enough time or want to make confidential search.

3. How can we best find someone in Ukraine?
The best way to find someone in Ukraine is to order the search of or detective agency. Basic background check costs just from 60 USD.

4. Can we find white pages Ukraine online?
There are no white pages of Ukraine online. You can find information online only about well known people.
There are some sites with information about the phone numbers of some cities, but the information there is in Ukrainian language.
You can also try to find the people in the social networks. But you must be registered there. And if you want to find the person in Ukraine yourselves you must know the language.

5. Do you have any recommendation on online people search engines or datanases? Why are the ones you mention good?
If you want to find someone in Ukraine and you know the language you can try:
www.odnoklassniki.ru or www.vkontakte.ru
These are the most popular social networks in our country.

6. What is the number we can call if I need to know someones phone number in Ukraine?
You can call us and we can find you the information you need.
If you speak Russian or Ukrainian you can call help service.
The numbers of help services are different in every region.

7. Where/how can we find civil records or court records?
You can get this information only through the detective agency.

8. How can we find people that are not listed anywhere?
In this case we can help you.

9. What can we do if we are looking for someones email?
This can be very easy or very difficult.

10. How can we find people by name?
The best way to find some one in Ukraine is to order the search to Private Detective Agency “Personal Security Solutions”

11. What can we do if we only know the maiden name of someone?
The best way to find some one in Ukraine is to order the search to Private Detective Agency

12. How can we find people by address?
If you have the address of the person what else information you need???

13. What can we do in hard to find cases?
The best way to find some one in Ukraine is to order the search to Private Detective Agency

14. When searching for missing people, what is the best steps to follow?
If you are the nearest relative of the missing person you can apply to MIA of Ukraine.
But the best way to find some one in Ukraine is to order the search to Private Detective Agency

15. What is reverse people search?

16. Is finding someone through the white pages effective?
From our experience finding someone through the white pages is not effective.

17. Is there anything I should not do?

Private Detective agency has big experience in locating (search)missing persons throughout Ukraine. There are many reasons why people disappear or lose contact with each other. However all such cases have one thing in common. People feel happiness and gladness when they finally get a chance to see their old friend or relative again.

Our private detective agency will work with whatever information that you have. The more information that you provide us for search, the better the chance of finding the subject.


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