In general Computer Forensics involves collection of data and techniques of preservation for data recovery purpose and also tracing origin as well as securing evidence to stay up to the court’s criteria.

In today’s world, investigators are widely employed to help in divorce cases, corporate spying, monitoring teenagers, confirming suspicions in business relationships as well as personal relationships and a variety of other areas. Everyone needs investigators to help them out in the problems they encounter in their daily life; may it be personal or professional.
Computer Forensics is an application of computer investigation and techniques of analyzing in the interests of determining potential legal evidence.

In this case, the forensic examiner provides an opinion which is bases of the examination that is conducted on the material that has been recovered for determining if it has been used for criminal, civil or any other unauthorized activities.

The computer Forensic detectives observe the data storage devices like the hard drives, portable data devices (USB drives, external drives, micro drives and many others).

Their ultimate goal is:
Identifying sources of documentary or any other kind of digital evidence they can get

• They have to preserve the evidence
• They analyze the evidence they get
• Present whatever they found

Another major feature in computer forensics is that it involves unlocking passwords/electronic discovery/data recovery/secure data deletion/e-mail recovery/divorce computer investigations.
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