Background check

Background check

There are a lot of reasons why you may need to check someone’s background: unscrupulous business partner, marriage fraud, identification fraud, disinformation, search of missing person etc. The task of SC Group Ukraine in such case would be to find out the truth and real information, to discover the fraud and quickly collect all necessary information. Our private detective agency helps you to get the facts and make wise decisions.

Basic background check includes:

– full name of the person

– date of birth, place of birth

– address information, where the person is registered,

– phone numbers.

Complex background check

In some cases basic background check is enough, but in certain cases you may wish to order a detailed background check, i. e. an advanced investigation of comprehensive information about person.

Complex background check can include:

– additional information about person (photographs, work, any business, cars, property, debts, degrees, medical conditions etc.);

– tracing someone (surveillance);

– and more.. upon your request.

You can ask any questions you want to know about person and SC Group Ukraine will find the ways to find out the information.

Call us or send an e-mail. When we learn all specific circumstances of your case we will recommend investigative strategy and give the exact price. And remember: all consultations are confidential and free.

SC Group operates in all cities of Ukraine.

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