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Private detective agency SC-Group Ukraine offers the assistance in finding\search of biological parents.

During the years of Ukrainian independence foreigners adopted and taken abroad (to 36 countries of the world) near 25000 Ukrainian children. Most of them went to the US, Italy, France and Spain. These children grow up, become adults, have their own families and children. Some of them want to find their native (biological) parents from Ukraine. They want to know more about their family roots.

Private detective agency SC-Group Ukraine offers the assistance in finding\search of biological parents.

Private detective agency SC-Group Ukraine offers online reporting (photos and\or video) during surveillance.

Private detective agency SC-Group Ukraine uses advanced technologies in its work. Our detective agency offers the provision of online reports (photo or video) about surveillance\shadowing (in the case of a strong Internet connection).

Private detective agency SC-Group Ukraine works with anonymous customers (clients).

Often there are cases when clients of a detective agency want to order certain services and at the same time remain anonymous. Our detective agency provides a wide range of detective services in all cities of Ukraine for anonymous clients.
However, there are a number of services that can not be nonymous.
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Search of people in Ukraine.

The most frequent situations when such service of private investigator as people search you may need in Ukraine:

–  you have lost contact with relatives, friends and acquaintances

– you have incomplete person’s data

– you met with a girl through the Internet (dating) sites and want to find a direct contact

– you have full name but need to find the address, phone number, email or social network

How does people search works: You contact us and explain what information you have and what you want to find out. We suggest you variants of investigation, time-scale and estimate. Then you send the payment and we start the search.

Our private detective agency will work with whatever information that you have. The more information you provide us for the search, the better the chance of finding the subject.

Donetsk and Lugansk

Donetsk and Lugansk. After events which took place in Kiev during 2013-2014 years (some call them The Revolution of Dignity) in the East of Ukraine mass riot began that developed into a civil war. According to official data of UN more than 10.000 people were killed and much more people were injured. Many people lost connection with their relatives and friends. Many people lost their property. There are many cases when the services of Private Detective (Investigator) are required in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. SC GroupPrivate Detective Agency operates in all regions of Ukraine (including Donetsk and Lugansk regions). If you need Private Detective (Investigator) services in Donetsk and Lugansk regions we’ll be glad to cooperate with you.

How does a GPS tracking system work?

How does a GPS tracking system work?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. The Global Positioning System is mainly funded and controlled by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD). The system was initially designed for the operation of U. S. military. But today, there are also many civil users of GPS across the whole world. The civil users are allowed to use the Standard Positioning Service without any kind of charge or restrictions.

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The success of private investigator’s work depends on

There are no two clients with identical tasks in the work of the private investigator. The primary goal of investigation agency SC Group, Ukraine is the most exact definition of requirements of each client, working out of the most effective way of the solution of a problem and professional performance of the task.

SC Group, Ukraine realizes that the success of private investigator’s work depends on:

1.  Honest and full information provided by the client. It is like to be at the doctor. The accuracy and correctness of the diagnosis depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information the patient gives to a doctor.

2.  The opportuneness of the reference of the client and the beginning of the investigation

3.  The competence and experience of Private Investigator

4.  Innovation and efficiency of methods and technical means used during investigations.

SC Group, Ukraine

The Truth About Surveillance

The Truth About Surveillance

Surveillance is the “mainstay” of many investigations.  With good surveillance which produces good video, a domestic case can often be settled with much less difficulty than with the lack of video.  For a person who is worried that their spouse is involved in an affair or is generally cheating, surveillance is the best way to confirm suspicions or clear up the whole matter.  Of course insurance companies highly value good claimant video to help in insurance fraud cases.  Not much can be said for a claimant who claims he can’t work at all, and is then caught on top of a roof as part of a construction crew, which we have done.  Without question, surveillance is a valuable tool in insurance workers comp fraud cases, just as it is in the case of a cheating spouse.

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Codes of local phones numbers of Ukraine:

Crimea Simpferopol +38 065 ???????
Vinnitsa (Vinnitsya) region +38 043 ???????
Lutsk Volyn (Volin) region +38 033 ???????
Dnepropetrovsk (Dnipropetrovsk) region +38 056 ???????
Donetsk region +38 062 ???????
Zhitomir (Zhytomir) region +38 041 ???????
Uzhgorod (Uzhhorod) Zakarpatye region +38 031 ???????
Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzha) region +38 061 ???????
Ivano-Frankovsk (Ivano-Frankivsk) region +38 034 ???????
Kiev (Kyiv, Kiyev) region +38 044 ???????
Kirovograd (Kirovohrad) region +38 052 ???????
Lugansk (Luhansk) region +38 064 ???????
Lvov (Lviv) region +38 032 ???????
Nikolaev (Mykolaiv) region +38 051 ???????
Odessa (Odesa) region +38 048 ???????
Poltava region +38 053 ???????
Rovno (Rivne) region +38 036 ???????
Sumy region +38 054 ???????
Ternopol (Ternopil) region +38 035 ???????
Kharkov (Kharkiv) region +38 057 ???????
Kherson region +38 055 ???????
Khmelnitskiy (Khmelnitsky) region +38 038 ???????
Cherkassy (Cherkasy) region +38 047 ???????
Chernovtsy (Chernivtsi) region +38 037 ???????
Chernigov (Chernigiv) region +38 046 ???????
Sevastopol (Sivastopol, Sebastopol) +38 069 ???????
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F.A.Q. Search of people in Ukraine

1. Can you give the readers some tips on how to start their search (starting their own free search)?
At first the person must understand what information he/she has about the object of search:
– name
– date of birth or age
– address or the city where the object lives
– the place of birth
– cities where the person lived in childhood
– where the object studied, worked, was in vocation etc.
– information about relatives, friend etc.
– information about hobby
You must understand that sometimes even the smallest pieces of information can be helpful in the search.
The second step is to understand what information exactly you want to find about the person.

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