Fraudsters use coronavirus (COVID-19) for profit.

In recent days, around the world, News No. 1 is the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

In many countries, the demand for medical masks and medical equipment, which are used for the prevention and control of coronovirus COVID-19, has sharply increased.

Entrepreneurs from around the world are looking for suppliers of medical masks and medical equipment. Various fraudsters decided to take advantage of this situation. Recently, the number of crimes in this area has sharply increased.

So, scammers offer to organize the supply of medical masks and other equipment from Ukraine. At the same time, they offer low prices and favorable terms of delivery. Fraudsters offer to prepay using fictitious enterprises from Ukraine.

SC Group Ukraine (Private Detective Agency) strongly recommends check suppliers from Ukraine. The price for checking counterparties is only 75 US dollars, and the verification itself lasts 1-2 days.

Do not risk your time and money, check suppliers from Ukraine for reliability.

SC Group Ukraine (Private Detective Agency)