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New scam in Ukraine war

Be care careful. Now there is a new type of SCAM. They send out letters asking for help to take the family out of the war zones in the East of Ukraine. Do not send money to such scammers, especially cryptocurrencies!

Here is an example of such a letter:



help us get out of eastern ukraine

hello sir/ma,

please I am desperate to get my family out of eastern Ukraine town of
Stanytsia Luhanska.

please there is sporadic but heavy artillery gun shelling, and my
kid’s kindergarten was hit.

please, send me any amount you can to help me bribe the authorities to
smuggle us out. i cannot watch my wife and kids go through this agony
any more.

please whatever you can, send as bitcoin. They say that is the only
currency they will accept.

here is the wallet address:

please pray for our safety.
hurry, hurry, hurry
please the above is not my email address, do not reply.

God bless you.

Dear friends, SC Group Ukraine team is always happy to provide you with the best services at the best prices. We are glad that you have been using the services of our agency for many years.

We are constantly striving to improve our work. We ask you to express your suggestions and wishes regarding our services and advise new types of services that are interesting to you.Our team is always ready to answer all your inquiries and help in solving emerging situations with maximum efficiency.

In the coming New 2022 Year, our team wishes everyone good health and every success!

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Сhecking girls’ profiles on Ukrainian dating sites

A lot of men use dating\mariage web sites in order to meet Ukrainian girls. Most of these websites give very little information about the girls. And they never give contact information. Men have to pay money for correspondence with girls through the website constantly.
Private Detecvive Agency SC Group Ukraine offers new kind of service. You send us inforation about the girl from website (Pictures, name, city, date of birth or age). We will make the search. You pay 60 USD only if we find for basic/contact information about the girl.
What are the advantages of this service:

  • you pay only if we find basic/contact information about the girl
  • you check if the girl is real or no
  • you can contact the girl directly without website, so you do not need to pay for correspondence

Basic background check – people search

Private Detective Agency SC-Group Ukraine received many new types of orders from clients recently.

People want to get basic information about the person while not having complete information about the person.

Our agency offers new kind of service. You send us incomplete information. Our agency checks it.  You pays for the service only If we find basic information (full name, date of birth, registration address, plus other information (social networks, phone numbers, email etc) if possible).

This kind of service can be useful when

  • You need to get contact information of the person if you do not have full information
  • You need  to find basic/contact information about a lady from dating site

COVID-19 and fraud

COVID-19 and fraud

In the context of a rapidly developing pandemic associated with COVID-19 infection and a general increase in panic, ideal conditions were created for fraudsters to commit fraud.

And this is not only about the export of masks and medicines abroad. Now in many countries and cities quarantine has been announced, which is forcing the population to digitalize more and more. People will spend more and more time at home at computers, surfing the Internet actively and working from a virtual cloud.

These are ideal conditions for the development of cyber fraud. So, what types of frauds will prevail and how to protect yourself from them?

What are the risks? 

– Spamming emails from pseudo-medical centers to control the spread of the virus. It can be links with information about the methods of treating the virus, statistics of its distribution. By opening this letter or link, you infect your computer with a virus, which leads to the risk of information loss or providing attackers with access to confidential information.

–  “Caming” selling products through online marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart. Fraudsters offer products for healing or protection against the coronavirus, requiring a lot of money for them, of course. By placing an order, the buyer as a result remains either with nothing, or receives defective / defective products and cannot return the money for it. Without going to the police, at least.Свернуть

– Fake sites with various kinds of donations to fight the COVID-19 virus. Your money, of course, goes into the pocket of scammers.

– Wholesale online sale of prepaid masks and antiseptics in conditions of their shortage in the market from fake sellers. Masks in this case, if you get, then at a huge, overpriced tens of times the price.

– Sending letters selling fake online cards for the spread of the virus on the planet. For example, with reference to a study by Johns Hoppkins University. By following this link, you infect your PC and so on.

The greater the panic surrounding the new disease, the more new patterns will appear and, accordingly, the deceived victims

How to protect yourself?

1. Do not click on links in which you are not sure, in order to avoid the risk of infection of your PC.

2. Ignore online vaccination campaigns for coronavirus and any other virus-related offers at a significant discount.

3. Do not respond to letters from unfamiliar addressees with an offer to help treat the virus and generally do not respond to offers that do not lend themselves to sound logic.

4. Do not send money in advance when purchasing goods on the Internet.

All these, of course, are absolutely trivial fraudulent cases and the rules of online hygiene, but in the conditions of turbulence and increasing panic, you can forget about them. The most important tip: stay alert.

Fraudsters use coronavirus (COVID-19) for profit.

In recent days, around the world, News No. 1 is the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

In many countries, the demand for medical masks and medical equipment, which are used for the prevention and control of coronovirus COVID-19, has sharply increased.

Entrepreneurs from around the world are looking for suppliers of medical masks and medical equipment. Various fraudsters decided to take advantage of this situation. Recently, the number of crimes in this area has sharply increased.

So, scammers offer to organize the supply of medical masks and other equipment from Ukraine. At the same time, they offer low prices and favorable terms of delivery. Fraudsters offer to prepay using fictitious enterprises from Ukraine.

SC Group Ukraine (Private Detective Agency) strongly recommends check suppliers from Ukraine. The price for checking counterparties is only 75 US dollars, and the verification itself lasts 1-2 days.

Do not risk your time and money, check suppliers from Ukraine for reliability.

SC Group Ukraine (Private Detective Agency)

When and how to use a private detective (agency)

When and how to use a private detective (agency).
Some people doubt whether they should use a private detective. In case of doubt, you can make an anonymous request to Private Detective Agency SC Group Ukraine  and get a free consultation. It is much easier to make a decision about the necessary detective services.
Private Detective Agency SC Group Ukraine guarantees: client information is kept 100% confidential. We never give client information to third parties. The person being searched is never contacted.

Proposals for comprehensive package services for private and corporate clients.

At present, private detective agency SC-Group Ukraine develops proposals for comprehensive package services for private and corporate clients.

We will develop packages of detective services in the form of monthly maintenance and sets of a certain number of different types of detective services in all cities of Ukraine.

To do this, we collect information about the volumes and types of detective services, which our customers need in Ukraine.

In this regard, we invite you to express your wishes and suggestions. We will be happy to offer the most favorable terms for providing detective services in all cities Ukraine.

Principles of our work: Confidentiality, Efficiency and Individual approach.

Why flowers delivery does not work

Now online dating has become very popular. Many men are looking for dating with Ukrainian girls through dating sites. After acquaintance and a certain correspondence, it becomes necessary to make a decision about a personal meeting and more serious relations. To make the right decision, Private Detective Agency SC-Group Ukraine advises you to check the girl.
Many men believe that delivery of flowers – is a sufficient verification (proof) that the girl is real and does not cheat. However, it is not. Even if the delivery of flowers is a photo report, this does not guarantee the reliability of the information. The vast majority of flowers delivery companies pre-call the girl on and agree on a meeting. Very often, flowers are delivered at the address indicated by the girl, and not at the address indicated by the customer. In addition, the girls do not show documents when they receive flowers. Thus, when delivering flowers, you can check only the appearance of the girl with a reasonable degree of certainty. When you deliver flowers you will not check: full name; date of birth; address; documentation. Considering the cost of the service, instead of flowers delivery, Private Detective Agency SC-Group Ukraine advises to order a background check for verification of:

– full name
– date of birth
– place of birth
– the address information where the person is registered
– phone numbers (if it’ll be possible)
– individual tax number
– plus when available other information (people also registered by the address etc.)
– marital status
– criminal and police records
– social networks
– official place of work
– business ownership
– property etc.


Private Detective Ukraine – cases

Private Detective Ukraine – cases dating Ukrainian girls (women)

1. This is an inquiry regarding your fees for obtaining basic information on a particular person.
2. I meet this lady on the dating site I tried to meet with her twice but she tells me not to come because she is sick in the hospital. She claims she is once again the hospital.
I simply want to know is she really in this hospital (she has not supplied the hospital’s name to me) and Is she married or living with someone (she claims she is a widow).
3. A couple of years ago I lost contact with a girl I was mailing through a dating site. We mailed a very long time, so we know each other well. What I missed was to get her private numbers.
She moved from Lugansk to Kiev. I just have her first name, her birth date, her registration number at the dating site and what company she was working for (probably still). I also have some photos. I know she moved from Lugansk to Kiev.
4. I saw your website and I wanted to ask if you could find a woman for me. I was on and communicating with a woman more than a year ago. I did not know her well, and was supposed to meet her on one of my many trips to Odessa in January 2014. We had amazing correspondence, but she only called me on my last day in Odessa to meet. I knew all the scams by then, and saw this as part of a probable scam. I wrote a very bad letter to her and we broke contact.
5. I’m searching for a girl I met in Kiev last week. I have some personal details about her, area of residence, work and more. Unfortunately no phone or picture. Also I’m not sure of her full name. I would like to get phone number or any other contact to her like VK or FB. Can you help? How much do you think it will cost? How can I pay you from abroad (I prefer to stay anonymous of course).
6. After reading most of your website I’m hoping you could help me with this case. I have been dating a lady from Cherkasy City for 8 month now, she told me her life story. I would like your agency to watch every move she makes, all phone activities , who come in and out of her apartment watch her for 6 days where she goes and what she do . WHO SHE MEETS.
7. I have been defrauded by a Nikolaev resident who I met through Anastasiadate dating agency. I wish I had known about your services before hand. Im looking for evidence that she is seeing someone. I know that she is seeing someone but I need evidence so that I can proceed with legal proceedings.
8. I have visited a girl a few times in Ukraine and am very serious about her. Everything seems ok except now I have proof she has lied to me about where she lives and I am concerned she actually knows how to speak English and works as an office administrator at a dating agency in Nikolaev yet she denies all of this. My concern is that she is simply pretending to want a life with me so I provided her things and make her life easier. I have no problem doing this if she is legitimately interested in me but I had a bad previous experience where I found out the girl was in fact married while saying she wanted a relationship with me.
9. I have been talking with a girl from Kremenchug almost 1 year. I would like to use your services to determine if she is real.
10. I wish to have a service of Documents Validity Verification on one person in Donetsk region, city Kramatorsk. Are you able to give service?
11. I am trying to locate two old friends who used to live in Gorlovka Ukraine. I don’t have much information, but I will give you what I know. What would a person search like this cost? I am looking for current e-mail addresses, or online social network profiles.
12. I just got back yesterday from visiting your country, it was a very nice trip. However I did come to meet a woman and that is where the trip was not so good. I met her on, it seemed like a good site at the time, but very expensive. After chatting with her and exchanging letters for many months she said I needed to come see her, so I did. I am really just looking for some very basic info on her, is she married, does she really have this kind of great income from her job, and does she get paid to chat on that web site?
13. Can you provide information about your service. I want to know about a girl that I am dating an engaged too. She lives in Krivoy Rog. I want to investigate her by personal surveillance.
14. I’m interested in the background check you offering.
15. I’m communicating with a lady on I want to believe that she is real. She says all the right things and worries about me spending money on this site. She even thinks of ways to contact each other without the use of this site. I found comments on the internet says men have used your services to find women and make sure they are real before traveling to see them. I would like to do the same. Can you give me a cost on your services please? I can email you her profile page.
16. I need you to spy from 6 pm to 3 am I need to know where to sleep: in an apartment, a house, etc. I want to know if at the end of the work, she goes home alone or going to bed with another man or other men. Perhaps, with two days of surveillance serious enough, a Friday and a Saturday and with a single agent.
17. I would like to confirm if she lives alone and if she is involved with other men online or there. We met through A Foreign Affair dating agency. I meet her in Kiev in February this year and went back in August. We became engaged. I have been giving her money for English lessons (Happy Family Agency) since March and now some support for living. I want to make sure that she is sincere and not just trying to get money. I feel she is sincere but some things give me questions.
18. I believe I was scammed by a lady in Kiev. How much would it cost to check her home address, work address, whether she is married and if so what date, name of husband (if married), court actions against her.
19. Do you think you could identify and locate a Kiev resident with only their instagram dentity?
20. I’m from Turkey and want to marry with a lady from Kiev. But, I don’t know whether she is really loyal to me or not. So, I want the lady to be followed up for a certain days (7-10 days) from morning till night including weekends. I don’t know her address, but her full name with surname already. (I’d send other details after getting back from you.) Do you provide such service for me? Where she goes, with whom she is with, what she does in weekends, where she stays etc. including taking some photos also. What would it cost? How the payment process? Any prepayment? Besides, let us know about your privacy. This is really a secret job.
21. I was looking for help to check some background for a woman I met in Kiev. I have met her in person and have a copy of her passport so I know her identity. But she is very secretive about she does some nights. I am suspicious she might be involved in prostitution or drugs. I thought maybe I could check whether she has another mobile phone registered or whether police records might show something. Let me know what you suggest.
22. Hi I’m American man who meet Ukrainian woman I want to know if she is dating company scammer.
23. I see that you offer many services. That’s great if I needed them. My main concern is that she is the one I’m emailing with. I know she is working 6 days a week. I’ve known her for over a year now. We chat every day at about the same time each day. About 21:00 your time 12:00 mine. I don’t really doubt anything she says. It’s not as if she is in some dire need to come to the US. She’s never asked me for anything and wouldn’t accept me helping her in any financial way. My biggest concern is that I arrive there and she doesn’t exist. Or it ends up being some guy. It’s a long way to go for disappointment. And if that’s the case I’ll be writing you the moment it gets serious with the next one. So before I waste any of your time I can tell you what I do know. Your guy goes to her to her work to deliver flowers. Takes her picture and she’s none the wiser. Is that something I can pay you to do?
24. My story is this on a dating website a person keeps asking my financial assistance for medical emergencies two so far and her due rent needs assistance. So far this person said she was released from a hospital and the hospital needs payment from her and she is asking me to pay bill again since this is the second time she moved to Kiev from Horlivka on my financial assistance this has to be verified yet. I thought maybe someone can go to that hospital and ask if there was such a person there and to ask about her condition the cause of her surgery she is at home now. Maybe someone can be sent to talk to her in person to see if this person is who they say they are or if you have other suggestions.
25. Was wondering if you provide Provocation tests services to see if the partner would cheat.
26. I am looking for an old acquaintance but i have few details. I have only first name and former address (13 years ago). I need full name and new address. Please send me a quotation.
27. I’m trying to find a friend in Dnipro who isn’t replying to my messages anymore… is that something you can help with? I have a number, dob and can provide links to some profile pictures etc etc.
28. I would like to retain your services to locate an individual residing in Ukraine. Please let me know what information you need and the cost of the service.
29. I have been seeing a woman from Kherson since May 2014 and recently some things she tells me do not seem correct. She says she is going on a business trip to Russia, Moscow on the 28 December until 11 January. I find this rather strange as it is New year and the Ukrainian Christmas on 7 December. She says she was in Russia in August and October and both times communication was very scarce. This time she wants Euros for her trip not Dollars again rather strange. Can your company verify or provide surveillance? If so, can you give me an estimate of the price.
30. I met somebody online. I am a US citizen and she is Ukrainian. I met her in February in Ukraine. I have pictures and email and address. She has started up a new business and needs money. She became unemployed after I left. I have been sending money monthly. Western Union thinks she is receiving money from multiple sources. I understand this would be an estimate, but approximately how much will it cost me for a background check.
31. I need to find the address and phone number of a young lady in Odessa. She is registered at although she does not use the site any longer but it was through that site that we met. Her membership ID is 11122233. We have corresponded for some time now and in February this year we met for the first time. That meeting took place in Odessa and was under the supervision of an Anastasia approved translator.
32. Hello, I need basic background check of a lady whom I have been knowing for 4 months. I video chat with her from time to time. I need basic information such as her marital status, boyfriend or not, and whether she’s a professional scammer or not. I know her first name and date of birth, and the name of her daughter. How much will it cost?
33. Hi There I need to hire a PI, I haven’t heard from my GF in the Ukraine in over 18 days not sure what is going on I need some solid information on her. She lives in Kyiv.
34. I was in contact with a woman named Yana for over 12 months on a dating site. Last winter she said her grandfather was ill and never returned to the site. I would like to find her. All I know is her name is Yana and she lives with her mother in Odessa. They both work in a dress shop downtown Odessa. I have pictures of her and she is 26 years old. She is 178cm tall, slender, dark hair and green eyes. I do not think she has lied to me, I am guessing she could no longer afford the site.
35. Hi, I have some information about someone but want to confirm some other things. I have her address from page 7 of her inner passport, ID number, mobile ph number, mothers name, DOB, etc but want to confirm these details please; Is her current address different from her passport address? Her current work. Apparently she isnt registered as working but I understand if she is working in the grey market as many do she wouldn’t be registered Current relationship status. Not registered as married but does she have a current boyfriend? Living together? Could you please let me know what this investigation might cost?
36. I have visited your city many times and spent a week there in September. A friend introduced me to a woman and we went on two dates. My friend served as an interpreter even though the woman spoke adequate English for me to communicate with her. She very much wanted to meet me again and we planned for the next evening. However, my friend and I got into a dispute and he refused to give me her contact information. I do have some information including photos but not her family name. I wish to locate this woman. Is this something that you can assist with?
37. I am interested in having surveillance conducted. At what cost can this be accomplished? The subject person is located in Odessa, Ukraine. I think a Friday and Saturday night from about 20.00 until subject is seen and followed for the night or until 00.00 if subject is not seen leaving apartment.

We work in all regions of Ukraine:


Kiev, Kiyev, Kyiv, Kyev Berezan, Bila Tserkva, Belaya Tserkov, Belya Cercov, Bohuslav, Boguslav, Boryspil, Borispol, Boryspol, Boiarka, Boyarka, Brovary, Brovari, Bucha, Chornobyl, Chernobyl, Chernobil, Fastiv, Fastov, Irpin, Irpen , Kaharlyk , Kagarlyk, Kagarlik, Myronivka, Mironovka , Obukhiv , Obukhov , Obuhov , Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Pereyaslav Khmelnitskiy, Prypiat, Piryatin, Rzhyschiv, Skvira, Skvyra, Slavutych, Slavutich, Tarascha, Tetiiv, Teteyev, Ukrainka, Uzyn, Vasylkiv Vasylkov , Vyshhorod , Vyshgorod, Vyshneve , Vishneve , Yagotin, Yahotyn



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Kherson, Herson, Beryslav, Berislav Henichesk, Genichesk, Hola Prystan, Pristan, Kakhovka, Kahovka, Kherson, Herson, Nova Kakhovka, Skadovsk, Tavriisk, Tavriysk, Tsiurupynsk


Bashtanka, Mykolaiv, Mykolayiv, Nikolaev Nikolayev, Novyi Buh, Noviy Bug, Nova Odesa, Novaya Odessa, Ochakiv, Ochakov, Pervomaisk, Pervomaysk, Snegurovka, Snehurovka, Snihurivka, Snegurivka, Voznesensk, Yuzhnoukrainsk


Bobrynets, Bobrinets, Dolynska, Dolinskaya Haivoron, Hayvoron, Gayvoron, Gaivoron, Kirovohrad, Kirovograd, Mala Vyska, Novomyrhorod, Novomirgorod, Novoukrainka, Oleksandriia, Alexandria, Aleksandria, Alexandrya, Aleksandrya, Pomichna, Svetlovodsk, Svitlovodsk, Ulyanovka, Ulianovka, Znamenka , Znamianka


Cherkasy, Cherkassy, Cherkasi, Chigirin Chigyrin, Chyhyryn, Horodysche, Gorodische, Gorodishe, Kamianka, Kamenka, Kamyanka, Kanev, Kaniv, Khrystynivka, Kristinovka, Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi, Monastyrysche, Monastyrishe, Shpola, Smila, Talne, Uman, Vatutine, Vatutino , Zhashkiv , Zhashkov, Zolotonosha, Zvenigorodka, Zvenyhorodka


Bakhmach, Bahmach, Bobrovytsia, Bobritsa Borzna, Chernihiv, Chernihiv, Chernigov, Chernigiv, Horodnia, Gorodnyaya, Ichnia, Koriukivka, Mena, Nizhyn, Nezhyn, Nezhin, Nosivka, Novhorod-Siverskyi, Novgorod Severskiy, Oster, Pryluky, Priluki, Schors, Semenivka , Semenovka


Vinnitsa, Vinnitsya, Vynnitsa, Bar Bershad, Haisyn, Gaisyn, Gaysin, Hnivan, Gnivan, Illintsi, Kalynivka, Kalinovka, Khmilnyk, Khmelnik, Koziatyn, Kozyatin, Ladyzhyn, Ladizin, Lypovets, Lipovets, Mohyliv-Podilskyi, Mogilev-Podolskiy, Nemyriv, Nemirov , Pohrebysche , Pogrebishe, Sharhorod, Shargorod, Tulchyn , Yampil, Yampol , Zhmerynka , Zhmerinka, Vinnitsa, Vinnitsya, Vynnitsa


Zhytomyr, Zhitomir, Zhytomir, Zhitomyr Andrushivka, Andrushevka, Baranivka, Baranovka, Berdychiv, Berdychev, Berdichev, Berdichiv, Korosten, Korostyshiv, Korostyshev, Malyn, Novohrad-Volynskyi, Novograd-Volynskiy, Olevsk, Ovruch, Radomyshl, Radomishl, Zhytomyr, Zhitomir, Zhytomir , Zhitomyr


Chernivtsi, Chernovtsy, Chernovtsi, Hertsa Khotyn, Hotyn, Novodnistrovsk, Novodnestrovsk, Novoselytsia, Sokyriany, Sikiryani, Storozhynets, Vashkivtsi, Vyzhnytsia, Zastavna, Zastavnaya, Chernivtsi, Chernovtsy, Chernovtsi


Khmelnytskyi, Kmelnitsky, Khmelniyskiy, Hmelnitskiy Derazhnia, Dunaivtsi, Dunaevtsy, Horodok, Iziaslav, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Kamenets-Podolsky, Krasyliv, Krasilov, Netishyn, Polonne, Shepetivka, Shepetovka, Slavuta, Starokostiantyniv, Starokonstantinov, Volochysk, Volochesk, Khmelnytskyi, Kmelnitsky , Khmelniyskiy , Hmelnitskiy


Rivne, Rovno, Berezne, Dubno Dubrovytsia, Korets, Kostopil, Kuznetsovsk, Ostroh, Ostrog, Radyvyliv, Sarny, Zdolbuniv, Zdolbunov, Rivne, Rovno


Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankovsk, Bolekhiv, Bolekhov Burshtyn, Dolyna, Dolina, Halych, Galich, Horodenka, Gorodenka, Kalush, Kolomyia, Kolomoya, Kosiv, Nadvirna, Rohatyn, Rogatin, Sniatyn, Tlumach, Tysmenytsia, Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankovsk


Ternopil, Ternopol, Berejany, Borshchiv Buchach, Chortkiv, Chertkov, Khorostkiv, Kopychyntsi, Kremenets, Lanivtsi, Monastyryska, Pidhaitsi, Pochaiv, Pochaev, Shumsk, Skalat, Terebovlia, Zalischyky, Zbarazh, Zboriv, Ternopil, Ternopol


Lutsk, Berestechko, Horokhiv, Kamin-Kashyrskyi Kamin-Kashyrskiy, Kivertsi, Kovel, Liuboml, Novovolynsk, Rozhysche, Ustyluh, Ustulug, Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Vladimir-Volynskiy, Lutsk


Lvov, Lviv, Belz, Bibrka Boryslav, Brody, Busk, Chervonohrad, Dobromyl, Drohobych, Dubliany, Hlyniany, Horodok, Kamianka-Buzka, Khodoriv, Khyriv, Komarno, Morshyn, Mostyska, Mykolaiv, Novoiavorivske, Novyi Kalyniv, Novyi Rozdil, Peremyshliany, Pustomyty , Radekhiv , Rava-Ruska, Rudky, Sambir, Skole , Sokal , Sosnivka , Staryi Sambir , Stebnyk, Stryi, Sudova, Vyshnia, Truskavets, Turka, Uhniv, Velyki Mosty, Velyki Mosty, Vynnyky, Yavoriv, Zhovkva, Zhydachiv, Zolochiv, lvov lviv


Uzhhorod, Uzhgorod, Uzgorod, Berehove Chop, Irshava, Khust, Mukachevo, Perechyn, Rakhiv, Rakhov, Svaliava, Tiachiv, Vynohradiv, Vinogradov, Uzhhorod, Uzhgorod, Uzgorod