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At present, electronic money has gained special popularity, despite the fact that they appeared relatively recently. This is facilitated by factors such as the convenience of paying for goods in online stores, the high speed of transactions, the use of modern technology to ensure the security of transactions. One of the most promising types of electronic money is the crypto currency.
The most widespread among the crypto currency is Bitcoin.
What are the advantages of Bitcoin? First, decentralization. This means that there is no single management center in the network that stores information about the balance in the wallet and the transaction list. This information is stored on computers of ordinary owners of bitcoins. After installation, the purse program downloads from other users of the system a complete database of all transactions that have ever been committed, that is, the information can not be lost or distorted.
Secondly, anonymity. Anonymity of the transaction is achieved due to the fact that in the purses of bitcoins there are no username and passwords that are familiar to us, nor is it necessary to specify any kind of personal data of the sender and receiver of funds. The wallet consists of a public identifier, conditionally it can be called login, balance and private key. To complete a transaction, you only need to know the public identifier of the recipient. The process of creating a purse is the generation of a random private key, for which a cryptographic function is called, which is called hashing. When a user loses access to his wallet, the funds contained in it fall out of circulation. The lost bitcoins still remain in the global history, as well as all the others, however, they will forever remain without movement, because there is no way to pick up a private key. According to the law of supply and demand, the fewer bitcoins available, the more valued those that remain in circulation. Third, the lack of a single issuing center.

Private detective agency SC-Group Ukraine works with anonymous customers (clients).

Often there are cases when clients of a detective agency want to order certain services and at the same time remain anonymous. Our detective agency provides a wide range of detective services in all cities of Ukraine for anonymous clients.
However, there are a number of services that can not be nonymous.
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Search of people in Ukraine.

The most frequent situations when such service of private investigator as people search you may need in Ukraine:

–  you have lost contact with relatives, friends and acquaintances

– you have incomplete person’s data

– you met with a girl through the Internet (dating) sites and want to find a direct contact

– you have full name but need to find the address, phone number, email or social network

How does people search works: You contact us and explain what information you have and what you want to find out. We suggest you variants of investigation, time-scale and estimate. Then you send the payment and we start the search.

Our private detective agency will work with whatever information that you have. The more information you provide us for the search, the better the chance of finding the subject.

Private Detective License in Ukraine

Private Detective License in Ukraine. One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Do you have a Private Detective License?” We honestly answer: “No we do not have Private Detective License”. This answer surprises our potential clients greatly. Some Ukrainian Private Detective Agencies show some documents calling them Private Detective License. However, everyone need to know: these documents are not Private Detective License. THERE IS NO LAW, WHICH REGULATES THE ACTIVITIES OF PRIVATE DETECTIVES (INVESTIGATORS) IN UKRAINE!

On May 3rd 2017 Ukrainian Parliament passed the law #3726 that should regulate Private Detective (Investigator) activities. Parliament sent the law to the President for signature. The President did not sign the law and returned it to the Parliament. The law has not been adopted so far.

Here you can see the history of the law:

Donetsk and Lugansk

Donetsk and Lugansk. After events which took place in Kiev during 2013-2014 years (some call them The Revolution of Dignity) in the East of Ukraine mass riot began that developed into a civil war. According to official data of UN more than 10.000 people were killed and much more people were injured. Many people lost connection with their relatives and friends. Many people lost their property. There are many cases when the services of Private Detective (Investigator) are required in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. SC GroupPrivate Detective Agency operates in all regions of Ukraine (including Donetsk and Lugansk regions). If you need Private Detective (Investigator) services in Donetsk and Lugansk regions we’ll be glad to cooperate with you.

Threat Management

Threat Management


An investigator can assist in threat management. They can asses the threat and prevent it from happening. They will bring the threat down to zero or they will reduce it to a great extent. They will make sure you will not be harmed in future. This threat management can hold good for both an individual as well as an organization. A lot of businesses these days use investigators to prevent threats to their company or persons.

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