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Business intelligence services – what do I need them for?  With my connections, I can get everything I need from a retired division commander… I don’t need business information services.”  As surprisingly old fashioned as this sounds, there are still many business executives who grit their teeth in order to survive respectfully in the age of aggressive competition, and who maintain an unrealistic world view that underestimates the importance of business information services.

These same opportunistic executives, who think in terms of their own tenure and making a quick profit without long-term planning, are forgetting one thing. Business information services are an important strategic asset to any organization. Business information services are tools of great importance!

Subscribing to financial newspapers that provide information about your competitors is a good start, but not enough. Going to conferences in Ukraine and abroad and collecting countless brochures, viewing impressive presentations, and chatting with your colleagues is also good and important. Hiring a part-time information management professional who can download raw informational materials from every possible website is an additional step towards really recognizing the importance of business information services. But this still isn’t enough. Business information services are so much more.

This is the time (and better sooner than later) to approach us regarding managing business intelligence services for your company.  What will you get out of it?

– You will continuously and deeply familiarize yourself with the business field relevant to your company.

– You will be able to assess and screen competitors according to their weight and influence in the market in which you operate.

– You will receive an updated list of providers and clients, from which you can select the appropriate target audience suitable for your various campaigns and sales.

– You will receive advance business information regarding the various advertising campaigns and sales for competing products.

– You will learn about the sales, marketing, and advertising methods of your competitors.

– You will be exposed to new products and technologies that can contribute to the quality of your existing products.

– You will be informed of the demographic and political conditions in target countries.

– You will always be updated regarding various publicized commercial tenders to which you can submit proposals.

– You will get a situation report regarding mergers and takeovers.

– You will be prepared to deal with new instructions and regulations from the regulator, if necessary.

– Our experts will analyze the financial reports of your competitors, so that you can learn about: the operations of the corporation, its ability to raise funds, whether it is appropriate for a merger or takeover, whether structural or personal changes are being planned, and what the future trends of the corporation may be.

Proper, professional, and quality management of business information services within your company may contribute positively towards the process of decision-making within the company, the strengthening of its economic power, and the improvement of its ability to compete with the opposition. SC Group employs world renowned experts in order to collect truly quality business information services.

Our agency collects business information services for a wide range of companies in the Ukrainian market, and for a few in foreign markets, who wish to receive current and reliable information that leaves them one step ahead of their competitors. The collection of business information services is handled by professionals with a great deal of experience in the field. At this point, we would like to emphasize that all of our actions are in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and are strictly legitimate.

You can raise questions regarding business intelligence services on our website’s Investigation Forum, which is managed by experts with a great deal of experience in collecting and analyzing business information. In addition, you can approach us personally and discretely in order to receive detailed, professional consultation.

Call us or send an e-mail. When we learn all specific circumstances of your case we will recommend investigative strategy and give the exact price. And remember: all consultations are confidential and free.

SC Group operates in all cities of Ukraine.

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