Confidentiality, efficiency and individual approach

SC Group is a multi-disciplined private investigation agency. Our team consists of experienced private detectives. Private Detective Agency SC Group provides services for individuals and businesses. SC Group private detectives operate in all cities of Ukraine. In conducting of investigations, private detectives use information technology, technical means and best practices.

Private detectives use the principles:

Confidentiality. We guarantee that client information is 100% confidential. We never give client information to third parties. The person being searched is never contacted.

Individual approach. There are similar situations, but… Private detective agency SC Group offers each client an individual approach. We consider life circumstances and individual wishes of every client. Private detectives identify the main goal and do everything necessary to achieve it. Our detective agency specializes in the performance of non-standard confidential orders.

Efficiency. Private detective agency SC Group offers most effective way to achieve the goal. Methods of investigation, time-scale and material costs are agreed with the client.

Non-standard orders

Search of people

Background check


Anti-scam investigation

Company check

Business intelligence

Financial investigation

Call us or send an e-mail. When we learn all specific circumstances of your case we will recommend investigative strategy and give the exact price. And remember: all consultations are confidential and free.

SC Group operates in all cities of Ukraine.

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